Asia FLOW Tour 2019 #2 – Flow House Yongin

Asia FLOW Tour 2019 #2 – Flow House Yongin


Junior Flowboard
🥇– Lee Gee Woo
🥈– Lee Kang San
🥉– Leon Lee

Junior Bodyboard
🥇– Jang Hyung Joo
🥈– Li Dong Ho
🥉– Cathy Yuan

Novice Flowboard
🥇– Kim Daun
🥈– Ko Sang Mi
🥉– Ko Wi Sun

Open Flowboard
🥇– Na Li Fu
🥈– Lee Jun Ho
🥉– Hong Koo Hyung

Pro Womens Flowboard
🥇– Zee Yuan
🥈– Jimi Kim
🥉– Chaeran Jung

Pro Bodyboard
🥇– Nazri Salim
🥈– Jung Han Yoon
🥉– Leon Lee

Pro Mens Flowboard
🥇– Jason Deng
🥈– Lee Jae Hoon
🥉– Kwon Hyuk Min

🇰🇷 Team South Korea 2019 🇰🇷
Mens Flowboard – Lee Jae Hoon
Bodyboard – Jung Han Yoon
Womens Flowboard – Jimi Kim

Congratulations to all winners! Next stop we will head to Asia FLOW Tour 2019 #3 – FlowRider 1 Utama

Flow House Seoul FlowRider flowboarders 롯데아울렛 – LOTTE OutletsBillabong Descente KR – 데상트 Barrel 배럴 National Geographic Tommy Hilfiger 탐앤탐스(TOM N TOMS COFFEE) Jin Air (진에어) Kona Brewing Company

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Asia FLOW Tour 2019 #1 – Wave House Sentosa

With successive runs of Flow Tour events in Asia since 2011, we are back with the 9th installation of the Asia Flow Tour.

Over the months of August – September, competitors around Asia may journey to their nearest contest venues and battle for top spots.

The top local finalists from each PRO divisions from each participating qualifying venues will congregate in Paradise Island Waterpark, Chengdu, China on 28-29 September to earn the title of Asian FLOW Champions.

The Asian champions will then take on a bigger challenge as the will be flown to the World Flowboarding Championships (venue & dates TBC)

Wave House Sentosa is hosting Stop #1 – Singaporean Qualifiers of the 2019 Asia FLOW Tour – Saturday, 17 August!

Pro Men’s Flowboard
Pro Women’s Flowboard
Pro Bodyboard

Open Men’s Flowboard
Open Women’s Flowboard
Open Bodyboard
Novice Flowboard

*Divisions subject to change
For more info:


Novice Flowboard
🥇– Hafiz Hashim
🥈– Rizq Daris
🥉– Brian Lau

Open Womens Flowboard
🥇– Amalina Aidal
🥈– Alexis Ang
🥉– Jessica Woon

Open Bodyboard
🥇– Nathan Lowry
🥈– Caleb Foister
🥉– Ahmad Fauzi

Open Mens Flowboard
🥇– Nathan Lowry
🥈– Guide Kullavith
🥉– Ahmad Fauzi

Pro Womens Flowboard
🥇– Alysha Rizwan
🥈– Melissa Kamil
🥉– Karolina Kolehmainen

Pro Bodyboard
🥇– BM Songkrod
🥈– Nazri Salim
🥉– Alex Sobolev

Pro Mens Flowboard
🥇– Alex Sobolev
🥈– BM Songkrod
🥉– Toth Panpoth

🇸🇬 Team Singapore 2019 🇸🇬
Mens Flowboard – Sham Jamal
Bodyboard – Leon Lee
Womens Flowboard – Alysha Rizwan

Congratulations to all winners! Next stop we will head to Asia FLOW Tour 2019 #2 – Flow House Yongin.

FlowRider flowboarders WAKEMUSTERS ONE Championship #flowrider #flowboarders

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“Bama Slama” FT19 US National Championships

A small town, a big beach and a HUGE event turnout made for an extremely successful (and fun!) 2019 FlowRider FLOW Tour National Championships Waterville USA presented by Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Sports Commission!

After a full season of battling it out on FlowRider attractions from coast to coast, from one city to the next, all summer long, it came down to the National Championship event this past weekend (August 16th and 17th).

Waterville USA hosted the National Championships in 2009; 10 years later, things come full circle. Some might say that this past weekend, closing out the US FLOW Tour season, in classic fashion, was a home run. But, when Waterville USA, steps up the plate, we call it a “BAMA SLAMA” because not only do they hit it out of the park, they go big and do it right!

That’s exactly what flowboarders were expecting when 94 competitors showed up (plus friends and family members), filling 124 entry slots in the competition; all signed up for a chance to take down Tour Champions, beat best riders from around the country and earn the right at a National Championship title in their respected divisions.

“From youth to pro, the competition was stacked,” says Adam Muller, Tour event coordinator and Head Judge. “We saw competitors who competed with previous injuries, fought off sicknesses and some were also unlucky with car troubles on their travels. Even in the early rounds, there was nowhere to hide,” Muller adds. “Each heat, the pressure was on and it took 2 awesome runs to advance.” Which just goes to show that flowboarders come from near and far, by any means necessary and at all costs to get their adrenaline fix on the FlowRider and showcase their talents.

Day one kicked off the weekend with practice sessions, amateur quarter final rounds and Pro Division Qualifying heats. Top riders would advance to Saturday, day two of competition, featuring semi-finals and Finals.

At the start of day 2, with the smell of fresh boiled shrimp in the air (classic ‘bama!), top riders in the country provided spectators with exciting match ups on the wave. “In both amateur and Pro divisions, there were a lot of good match ups that people would pay to see,” states Andy Haase, Event MC and Judge. “These riders have really grown into competition format and we can see the progression evolving through the youth and JR divisions already,” adds Haase.

Top riders advancing to the final show down, left it all out on the wave. The awards ceremony and Tour banquet was held down the road at Erie Meyer Civic Center where riders would gather to grub and hangout before taking the stage for final placings and crowning our Tour & National Champions! 

Congratulations to all our recently crowned 2019 FLOW Tour US National Champions and hats off to all those who participated, supported and spectated the event.

Shout out to all our Official supporting sponsors along with local and event sponsors:

Presenting Sponsors: Waterville USA, Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Sports Commission

Official Season Sponsors: Body Glove, Free Style Watches, Sun Bum, CCi Sports/Carpita Construction, Aqua Flowboards, Zefr Boards, Super Duper Surf, Stact App

Event Sponsors: Madrid Skateboards, Bombers Eye Wear, Sticky Bumps, Flow Daily, WCB

Check out the results below and photo gallery above. Photos taken by Flowboarders (Gabby S. & Yanni M.) for Flowboarders. Please share and tag to stay social and help grow the flow. SEE YA ON THE WAVE!

Check out @flowboarders & @flowblogger for featured social clippings and more!

Event Results:


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FT19 US FLOW Tour Rankings

FlowRider® US FLOW Tour 2019

Did you WIN a Prime event? You will automatically get a Golden Ticket seed into the National Championship!  For those of you who did no win a prime event, you are encouraged and welcome to compete and still have a chance of becoming a FlowRider FLOW Tour National Champion in your division! Sign up here before Thursday August 14th to secure a spot!

Prime Event results (below) determine the Final Tour Rankings and final seeding for National Championships. Pro/Am events will impact Regional Rankings. Those results TBD. 

The US FLOW Tour Champion will be based on Prime events and will be the Tour Champion. Tour Champion (top 5 results accumulated); will have top seed at Nationals.

Winner of Nationals contest will be National Champion! (Riders must be FLOW Tour members. Non members must pay the additional $10 event fee in cash prior to practice sessions and event start on Friday, August 16th).



For more details, questions or concerns about scores and rankings, please e-mail If you are attending the National Championships, please do so immediately as it may affect your competition seeding Tour Rankings.

FT19 RANKINGS- Click to View & Zoom in

Click Photos to enlarge/clarify image

Youth Bodyboard- 13/Under

  1. Riley Yount – 5,000 pts
  2. Jeffrey Howell – 3,451 pts
  3. Nathan West – 2,322

Female Bodyboard – All ages

  1. Sofia Kacmarcik – 3,860 pts
  2. Hanna Augusyn – 3,322 pts
  3. = Hayley Balderrama , Dee Daniels, Kari Rosario – 1,000 pts

Masters Bodyboard – 35+

  1. Cory Woods – 3,000 pts
  2. Ken Howell – 2,651 pts
  3. Randy Owens – 2,371 pts

JR Bodyboard – 17/under

  1.  =Brandon Marks, Jordan Walter – 4,720 pts (US NATIONALS = TIE BREAKER, WINNER TAKE ALL)
  3. Calleb Boller – 2,322

Men’s Bodyboard – 18+

  1. Eamonn Orr – 2,646 pts
  2. Cory Woods – 2,640p pts
  3. Oro Valentine – 2,300 pts

Pro Bodyboard 

  1. Daniel Tarapchak- 5,000 pts
  2. Nate Brimacombe – 3,594 pts
  3. Jeremy Marks – 2,962
  4. Jon Reese – 2,720 pts

Click Photos to enlarge/clarify image

Youth Flowboard – 13/Under

  1. Riley Yount – 4,860 pts
  2. Griffin Ash – 2, 720 pts
  3. Copper Gleason – 2, 140 pts

Female Flowboard – All ages

  1. Hanna Augustyn – 2,874 pts
  2. Gabby Savettiere – 2,860 pts
  3. Stephanie Lab – 2, 451 pts

 Masters Flowboard 35+

  1. Andy Broder – 3,860 pts
  2. Winfield Austin – 3,465 pts
  3. Mike Pappalardo – 2, 143 pts

 JR Flowboard 17/Under

  1. Jordan Walter – 4,860 pts
  2. Nicholas Bernard – 2,462 pts
  3. Jackson Meyers – 2,003 pts

 Men’s Flowboard 18+

  1. Joe Moran – 3,000 pts
  2. Nate Brimacombe – 2,006 pts
  3. Jeff Hoffman – 1,874 pts

 Women’s Pro Flowboard

  1. Lexi Barna Kofed – 4,400 pts
  2. Monica Caffrey- 4,000 pts
  3. Katie Kavanagh – 2,962 pts

 Pro Flowboard

  1. Scott Callens – 4,280 pts
  2. Daniel Tarapchak – 4,182 pts
  3. Matt East – 3,597 pts
  4. Sean Silveira – 2,270 pts
  5. Nate Murray – 2, 286 pts

FT19 RANKINGS- Click to View & Zoom in

More Tour details- Click here

Waterville USA FlowRider FLOW Tour National Championships – Event Page

National Championships Entry Form

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Planet Hollywood Pro/Am – Results & Photo Gallery

Planet Hollywood Pro/Am – Results & Photo Gallery

Competition Results:

Pro Flowboard:

  1. Scott Callens
  2. Daniel Tarapchak
  3. Matt East
  4. Nate Murray
  5. Josh Soto
  6. Clif Neunman

Pro Bodyboard:

  1. Daniel Tarapchak
  2. Miller Brown
  3. Skyler Beckett

Female Flowboard:

  1. Lexi Barna Koefed
  2. Jessica Nichols Fassett
  3. Gabby Savettierre
  4. Katie Kavanagh

Men’s Flowboard:

  1. Clif Neunman
  2. Miller Brown
  3. King Stefan
  4. Jake Fassett
  5. Mark Thomas
  6. Alex

Men’s Bodyboard:

  1. Matt East
  2. Skyler Beckett
  3. King Stefan
  4. Nate Murray

Master’s Flowboard:

  1. King Stefan
  2. Shayne
  3. Eric Mewhinney
  4. Esias T.
  5. Alex W.
  6. Mark Thomas

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