Asia FLOW Tour Stop #2 – Bangkok Results

Asia Flow Tour BKK 2017 Pro qualifier stop #2’s results 

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Official FLOW Asia Results: 

* Pro men flowboard
1st place: Nei Isara (SHP)
2nd place: Nazri Salim (CNA)
3rd place: Siva O (CNA)

* Pro women flowboard
1st place: Annie Flynn (SHP)
2rd place: Zara Dhanji (CNA)
3rd place: Oui Nicha (FHB)

* Pro mixed bodyboard
1st place: BM Songkrod (SHP)
2nd place: Nazri Salim (CNA)
3rd place: It Tamrongsak (CNA)

* Open men flowboard
1st place: Golf Naphat (FHB)
2nd place: Non Stanon (FHB)
3rd place: Tum Keamint (FHB)

* Open mixed bodyboard
1st place: Boo Pichai (FHB)
2nd place: Tee Natee (FHB)
3rd place: Aiden (FHB)

* Bangkok represent
Men flowboard: Toth Panpoth.
Women flowboard: Oui Nicha.
Mixed bodyboard: Boo Pichai.

Congratulation for all of you and thanks to support our event!! See ya next stop on 16 Sep at Cartoon Network Amazone, Pattaya.

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