How do you Waboba?!

Go With The Flow & Keep Life Fun – Waboba Trick shot contest #WabobaTricks

Waboba, a proud sponsor of the FlowRider® FLOW Tour, is busy supporting flowboarders worldwide for the 2018 season is Keeping Life Fun and offering up some prize backs to those who are active and social.

Waboba began in Sweden with the invention of the “ball that bounces on water” and has since bounced all across the globe, turning human beings (and sometimes dogs) into Waboba addicts – also known as Wabobians.

“It’s right up my alley for something fun to do,” explains FLOW Tour coordinator, Adam Muller. “Not only are they a great fit for waterparks, Waboba also makes other unique and exciting products that will keep you and your friends busy for hours!” Muller adds.

If you haven’t scored one of these ridiculously fun and innovated products in your FLOW Tour prize packs from the first two events of the season, there’s plenty more to be had! If you already have the products, we don’t need to explain how fun they are, but we do want to encourage you to bring your favorite ball to the Utah Leg from June 13-16th!

For those FLOW Tour member competitors who sign up online before Tuesday for at least 2 of the 3 competitions next week, will get a FREE Waboba ball to keep and use for their efforts in the trick shot contest! Click here to sign up; pay when you arrive at the contests.

During the Utah leg of FLOW Tour competitions, there will be a Waboba Trick Shot competition, on and off the wave. Flowboarders, friends, family and spectators are welcome to join the action and show us how you Waboba! #WabobaTricks

Simply, grab a Waboba ball, record your trick shots and post on social media. Now, don’t make it too simple, because everyone else will be trying to one-up your trick shot. You will of course need to tag @flowboarders and @waboba to complete your entries & to make absolute sure we see your entries for a chance to win Waboba products and more swag from our official FLOW tour Sponsors. And, yes, you read that correctly, ‘entries’ – you can enter as many times as your little heart desires. Use the hashtag #WabobaTricks for a chance to win and be a featured post!

What are we looking for exactly? How do you win? Well, you have a couple chances to win, read below for more contest details:
1. On the wave trick shot. Perform and complete a trick shot while riding the FlowRider attraction. You can be standing still, carving or doing a radical trick… get creative but remember the ball must bounce at least once to qualify to be a winner.

2. Off the wave trick shot. Perform and complete a trick shot anywhere, anytime (during the Utah FLOW Tour leg competitions, upload and tag. Don’t forget, the ball still has to bounce at least one time to be considered.

Be sure to get your entries in and tag away during the Utah FLOW Tour leg June 12-17th for your chance to win! Don’t forget to tag, share and like the social pages because @Flowboarders and @waboba will be teaming up to select the winning trick shots!


Check out some trick shots here:

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Yeehaw! Texas Takeover

Yeehaw! This past weekend, flowboarders united in the Lone Star state of Texas for a duo of regional US FlowRider® FLOW Tour Pro/Am competitions.
“This wasn’t their first rodeo,” so to speak, explains Tour Coordinator, Adam Muller. Both, Hurricane Alley Waterpark (Corpus Christi) and Hyatt Hill Regency Resort and Spa (San Antonio) have been hosting FLOW Tour competitions on their respected FlowRider attractions for four years running now.]
Usually, everything is bigger in Texas (including their rider base, as Texas was the pioneering state for flowboarding); Hurricane Alley is always looking to live up to Texas standards of their home state.

While the flowboarding action on the wave during competition did not disappoint, it seemed as though many of the known names and riders you would expect to be in attendance, were a no show. None the less, waterpark guests and event spectators were in awe of the action happening on and off the wave.

Up first on the schedule, Hurricane Alley Waterpark (Saturday, June 2).

“Hurricane Alley has so many fun slides and rides, but, honestly, nothing is more popular than the FlowRider,” explains a local spectator whose jaw dropped when she saw Nick Nguyen take the wave.  After all, he is the 5x World Bodyboarding Champion!

Official FLOW Tour sponsors and Hurricane Alley partnered up to take this regional competition to the next level.  Participants were not only showcasing their flow to their family, friends and judges, but were also competing for a Golden Ticket qualifying slot and round-trip airfare tickets to the US National FLOW Tour Championship in Orlando, Florida this August.

Amateur division standouts and winners included Aaron Alemendarz (JR BB), Payton Purdy (Mens BB) and Johnny Tran (Masters BB).

“It was an awesome time, win or lose!” yelled, Bryan C., a newcomer to the Tour.

Amateur riders and winners mentioned aboce were rewarded with a Golden Ticket slot at the Gaylord Palms Championship. Meaning they have a qualified spot waiting for them a chance to win the US National FlowRider FLOW Tour National Championship.  Additionally, riders took home swag packs with gear from the supporting sponsors.

In between the Amateur and Pro Divisions, Dallas native and legendary Flowboarder, Nick Nguyen, put on a super high-level demonstration.  Then he welcomed all riders registered for the Pro Category to join him for a warm up session.

In the Pro Bodyboard division, the top four riders were not only looking to secure a Golden Ticket, but were also looking to lock in travel reservations courtesy of Hurricane Alley Waterpark and local sponsors.

“Even with the smaller turnout, it was an awesome competition!” states Nate Brimacombe, winner of the Pro Bodyboard division.  Nate was stoked to claim his first Pro BB victory, especially in his territory and on his own terms. “Winning the round trip airfare to Orlando is a huge help towards achieving my season goals!”

“Hosting events on the Shredder with FlowRider is a great opportunity to increase awareness for Hurricane Alley and promote the sport of flowboarding,” explains, Marisol Ramirez, Water Park Manager, in response to why the venue continues to host flowboarding competitions each year.

“We want to continue to build this event up and hope to host a National Championship in the next couple years maybe,” explains GM of operations, Jon. “We know what we need to do to get more traveling riders here and will continue pursue the regional rider base and welcome the flowboarders community with open arms.”

Be sure to click here for the photo gallery and videos from the day!

Event Results: Click here

Watch the live stream video via – Be sure to click the thumbs up and subscribe!

Hyatt Hill Country Resort & Spa (June 3rd)

Following the event on Saturday, competitor’s road-tripped over to San Antonio to score some extra practice time before Sunday’s competition on the FlowRider Single at Hyatt Hill.  Hyatt Hill has been hosting competitions since 2014 and is no stranger to the flowboarding community. The attraction is managed by Mateo Hernandez, a FLOW Tour Member and Veteran, who has established local momentum and a flow family of his own.

The event attracted a solid turn out.  In the state were it all started, it was no surprise the Bodyboard contingent showed up big.  Catering to the strong showing Men’s & Pro riders started from round 1 with semi finals in Juniors Youth and Female.

Pro Bodyboarding was a high energy division as always and was amplified even more with some insane riding from Nick Nguyen.  He defended his home turf state by taking the victory and the $150.00 cash prize.  Nguyen not only killed the Pro Bodyboard division, but took the victory in a strong 8-man field of stand up Flowboarders.

The Female Bodyboard division was split into Female & Female Pro with the Pro Ladies splitting the $250.00 cash prize.  Hayley Balderrama won the Pro division and $150.00 cash with her honors.

Another awesome Hyatt competition was made possible with a solid staff onsite and by Joe Herman’s and Mateo Hernandez’s commitment and generosity!  “This is not our first Rodeo,” Hernandez commented after considering how smooth the event ran once again.

Following the event, after two days of practice sessions and competitions, flowboarding fanatics remained on the wave and rode for an additional two hours, going with the flow and enjoying the remainder of their weekend before traveling home and returning to work.

Thanks to everyone who lent a helping hand and contributed to our efforts to #growtheflow

Click here for HYATT Results and watch the action below via – Be sure to click the thumbs up and subscribe!

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Redcar FlowRider European FLOW Tour

Once again, the European Flowboarding Community were welcomed back to the FlowRider® at the Everyone Active Redcar Leisure Centre and Community Heart, in the Northeast of England. The event had a great turn out, with riders travelling some pretty impressive distances to compete!

Even though the FlowRider attraction uses a small footprint, it can create a huge impact at any venue. The Redcar location did just that by hosting the European FLOW Tour event, transforming the single jet sheet wave and family attraction into a sporting arena and competitive platform.

When a venue lacks in real estate, the wave (FlowRider Single), is obviously a great option, allowing for the advanced riders to experience the same rush and showcase their tricks in a controlled environment.  Despite the smaller venue, Redcar personnel makes up for it in passion and commitment to growing the flow and give back to the sport of flowboarding.

“It’s great when venue management gets behind its local community a supports the ridership. RedCar is stepping up their game and have been welcomed as an Official FLOW Tour hosting venue, hopefully for years to come!” explains Adam Muller, FLOW Tour Coordinator.  The 3rd Annual FlowRider Redcar flowboarding competition was held last weekend, May 12th – it continues to get bigger and better each year!

With newly established European FlowRider FLOW Representatives, Sam Powell and Jeremy Brdn, the European FLOW Tour is headed in a positive direction. Sam and Jeremy work behind the scenes to not only promote the sport, but also to bring these events to life.  Additional credit is due to local management and staff for welcoming riders and providing access the wave attraction.

Richie Mitchell, FlowRider Manager at Redcar Leisure Centre & Community Heart stated:

“The 2018 FlowRider Redcar Pro/Am was undoubtedly the most successful competition we have run.  The standard of the competitors, not only the seasoned riders but local young people and adults was outstanding.  The FlowRider and the competition has had a positive effect on the lives of quite a number of young people in the local area, not only in helping to keep them fit and healthy but in giving them a positive outlet.  On a personal note the competition is such a friendly and welcoming environment that it is a pleasure to host this each year.”

Numbers of new kids on the block were coming to challenge the more seasoned competitors, with special mentions for Ricky Berrill, Blaze L’Enfant and Dave Hayes who all made the finals in the Pro Flowboard division against some tough competition in their first Pro Event.  Each athlete laid down some seriously advanced manoeuvres.

In the end though, the more seasoned competitors and European and World Flowboarding Championship veterans, Chris Forsdike, Millie Clark and Sam Powell took the top spots in their respective divisions.

Because this was an official FLOW Tour event, top riders earned points towards a trip to the European FlowRider FLOW Tour Champiopnships hosted by Surf Lounge Ibiza this July!

The Finals provide tough match ups and close scores, with all of the competitors offering some incredibly skilled and control runs, creating some nail-biting heats. In the end, the difference between the top 3 finishers was nearly less than a point in most, if not all, divisions.  The Masters point gap was very narrow, leaving no room for relaxed riding.

In the Pro Flowboard category, after three rides, the judges had flowboarders, Ricky and Blaze, exactly tied!

As always, it’s always great to see the young competitors entering their first contest – the number of young and happy faces around at the event further convinces us that flowboarding has a bright future in Europe.  Richard Austin, whose son Charlie was competing for the first time said:

“A super weekend up with you guys. Charlie loved it and learned a lot plus so many lovely people – real nice family feeling. Thanks for making us feel welcome!”

All in all an extremely positive event for European Flowboarding – we can’t wait for the European Championships on 15th and 16th July at Surf Lounge Ibiza.

Hats off to all competitors and congratulations to the division finalist. Check out the full event results below and scroll back up to view the photo gallery!

Redcar FlowRider Pro/Am 2018 – Final Results

Junior Bodyboard                                                      Women’s Pro Flowboard

1st        –           Cole Clark                                           1st        –           Millie Clark

2nd       –           Jack Murphy                                       2nd       –           Jennifer Dixon

Junior Flowboard                                                       3rd        –           Daisy-Mae Ellis

1st        –           Cody Ellis                                            4th        –           Hannah Brown

2nd       –           Daisy-Mae Ellis                                   Pro Bodyboard

Youth Flowboard                                                       1st        –           Sam Powell

1st        –           Blaze L’Enfant                         2nd       –           Davie Forsdike

2nd       –           Davie Forsdike                                    3rd        –           Hannah Brown

3rd        –           Charlie Austin                        4th        –           Matthew Brown

Novice Bodyboard                                                     Pro Flowboard

1st        –           Charlie Austin                        1st        –           Chris Forsdike

2nd       –           Cole Clark                                           Joint 2nd –        Ricky Berrill & Blaze

3rd        –           Jack Murphy                                                               L’Enfant

4th        –           Sean Laver                                          4th        –           Dave Hayes

Novice Flowboard

1st        –           Ricky Berrill

2nd       –           Dave Hayes

3rd        –           Reece Dickinson

4th        –           Carl Pearson

Masters Flowboard

1st        –           Grippa Brown

2nd       –           Adrian L’Enfant

3rd        –           Tony Ellis

4th        –           Sven Garas

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Flow House Bangkok KOF FLOW JAM 2018



Novice Flowboard (Inter-gender)
1st: Lee Shu Hui
2nd: Matt Raham
3rd: Karolina Kolehmainen

Open Womens Flowboard
1st: Lee Shu Hui
2nd: Karolina Kolehmainen
3rd: Alexis Ang

Open Bodyboard (Inter-gender)
1st: Joshua Clarke
2nd: Faddy Furreal
3rd: Hafiz Bolo

Open Mens Flowboard
1st: Zee Scott
2nd: Shahril Deniyal
3rd: Aslim Selamat

Pro Bodyboard (Inter-gender)
1st: Joshua Clarke
2nd: Muhamad Nazri
3rd: Fun Felix

Pro Flowboard (Inter-gender)
1st: Muhamad Nazri
2nd: Sham Jamal
3rd: Faddy Furreal

Massive thanks to all our sponsors that made this possible!
NOVU Aesthetics Wave House Sentosa FLOW ASIA Sentosa (Official) ONE Championship AJ Hackett Sentosa FlowRider

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Rapids Water Park Prime Stop #2

(West Palm Beach, FL) – From one coast to the other, the FlowRider® FLOW Tour is in full effect! Kicking off in Idaho two weeks ago, this past weekend, top flowboarders made the trip to Florida where a solid rider base awaited to challenge.

Stop #2 was hosted by Rapids Water Park in Riviera Beach, FL on April 28th and featured a full roster of 65 competitors from novice to pro of all ages! “Let’s start planning for next year now!  We want to grow this to the largest, most popular stop on the tour!” states Bob Morgan, Director of Sales and Marketing for Rapids Water Park.”

7.5 Hours of US FLOW Tour #2 – Live Steam Part 2
Full Event Results & Golden Ticket Winners Here

During registration and practice hours on Friday the 27th, the surrounding areas of South Florida experienced tornado warnings and severe lightning and thunderstorms, forcing Rapids Water Park to close their gates early. With this event being Rapids’ 5th Annual FlowRider FLOW Tour, this was not their first rodeo and they waited out the storm as long as they could before having the call off practice for the night.

The following day was competition day and Rapids Water Park opened the gates early. FLOW Tour coordinators, Adam & Chris, extended practice time as long as they could while setting up for the day.

Sunglasses and bathing suits were all that were required on Saturday and Rapids Water Park was the best place for flowboarders, friends, family members and spectators to cool off and beat the heat! From start to finish, the sunshine state provided wonderful weather for competition as the country’s best flowboarders put on a show.

The whopping 65 competitors who turned up to showcase their skills on the FlowRider sheet wave attraction, one of Rapids Water Park’s featured attractions, took it to the next level for spectators and guest. Rapids, normally a body boarding-only location, welcomed competitors in all respected divisions to stand up ride during competition. Rapids also host 6 FLOW JAM events for training preparations on the Saturdays leading up the big day.

Riders from the ages of 7 (Youth) to 70 (Masters), including current/former World Champions, and top seeded pros, battled it out for prizes, cold hard cash and a golden ticket entry into the National Championship in their respected divisions.

Off the wave, competitors and spectators worked on their tans. We had the pleasure of welcoming FLOW Tour sponsors, The Flow Rebel, Alana Wetsuits and on site hooking everyone up with swag and discounts! Be sure to tag and support these sponsors! On the wave, some of the best riders in the county displayed their best skills and tricks on the FlowRider Double.

The Pro Flowboard Division was owned by Nate Murray, putting together solid runs to hold off the 6x and current world champ, Sean Silveira, who was the Pro FB runner-up. Nate earned his first win and has a pre-seeded slot for the National Championship.
“It feels really good, I won’t stop here, I will be following the Tour and collecting points for a Tour Title,” explains Murray. Former Jr. Flowboarding Champion, Joel Stevens, rounded out the final with a 3rd place finish.

In the Pro Bodyboard category, speed and innovation helped seal in the top spot. Jon Reese, second-year Pro, claimed his first Pro BB victory and earned himself a golden ticket/seeded slot at the US National Championship. “It was a honor to take on two former Tour/World Champions (Nick N. & Nick S.) in the Finals” mentions Reese. ” My love for the sport and other flowboarders is never ending, so when I won, the moment was surreal! Jon adds. He is pumped because his home wave is hosting – Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando, on August 10-12th.

As for the Amateur categories, we saw an outstanding turn out for a majority of the divisions. Many riders competed through semi-final rounds and battled it out for the top spot on the podium, golden ticket invites and lots of prizes from our official sponsors.

Event standouts include, Jordan Walter from Ankeny, Iowa who dominated the Jr. Divisions and accepted Golden Ticket invites in both Flowboard and Bodyboard for the National Championships. This really puts him in a good position for his Title campaign.

Cory “Hype Man” Woods was also a man on a mission. Cory rode hard and came out with victories in the Masters Bodyboard (35+) and also the Men’s Bodyboard (18+) showing that he can still keep up with the younger talent.

Jeffrey Howell (SC), Luke Newman (FL), Jenna Christian (FL), Monica Caffrey (VT), Mike Pappalardo (VT) and Charles Lisowski (FL) also claimed top honors in the respected divisions. Be sure to scroll down to see full event results.

With two Prime Events in the books, 55 competitors at stop #1 in Idaho and 65 at stop #2 in South FL, the Tour is off to a killer start! The Utah leg, a trio of events (Prime stops #3-5), is ON in 4 days! Check our more details, stay social and know your flow here!

7.5 Hours of US FLOW Tour #2 – Live Steam Part 2

Full Event Results & Golden Ticket Winners Here

Scroll back up the check out the event photo gallery and don’t forget to tag @Flowboarders & use hashtags #flowboarders #flowboarding for a chance to get your image featured! Upload those same photos to your profile under the photos tab too!

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