FLOW Tour Sponsor

Alaska Airlines

Flying to flow? Save some dough. As part of our sponsorship, along with getting our community to book with Alaska Air, we are aiming to get the FlowRider FLOW Tour members and our flowboarders community to sign up for the Mileage Plan and take advantage of flight discounts for this year’s US FLOW Tour events. Did we already mention the have the “best – in – the -industry frequent flier milage program? Yes, we did, but’s worth stating again! #iFlyAlaska

Check out the discount codes for upcoming events!

ECMZ579 is for Spokane, WA – Stop #1

ECMZ580 is for Fort Lauderdale, FL – Stop #2

ECMZ581 is for San Antonio, TX – Hyatt & HACC Pro/Am Contest

 ECMZ582 is for Salt Lake City, UT

*Orlando coming soon!


Discount doe FLOWTour18 will get you 10% OFF your next order! Gear up with www.FlowRiderShop.com

Alana Wetsuits

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