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Read the full story here: FlowRider® Mobile On The Move!

South Korea Live Blog

Friday 1/19/2018:

Adam: Last day in the office and lots to do before heading to South Korea on Monday. Shipping orders, FLOW Tour planning, packing board bags to bring new models to South Korea, cleaning up SD cards and charging camera batteries and preparing the rest of my travel needs. However, I can’t stop thinking how excited I am to travel around the world to a new place, promote the sport of flowboarding and meet new members of flow community! San Jung and I have had many chats over the years in regards to me visiting South Korea, finally the day has come! San Jung has always told me about the opportunities in his region and how we wants to bring the FLOW World Championships to his home waves! He is very passionate about the sport of flowboarding and his big things in mind for the future.

Please note that FlowRiderShop orders and shipping may be delayed next week since I will be out of the office and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience. If something comes up, please e-mail me ( and I will respond at my earliest convenience as my e-mail and internet will be limited during the trip.

Sean and Andy arrive onsite today. Rob and I will be flying out early on Monday morning, via Delta Airlines. Stay social via Flowboarders Facebook and YouTube for LIVE videos and I’ll update you here when Rob and I are ready to hit the road for our 6,272 miles and 17 hour trip! See ya on the wave!

Read the full story here: FlowRider® Mobile On The Move!

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FlowRider Grand Opening: Surf House Punta Cana

Take a walk through the brand new FlowRider location, Surf House Punta Cana, in the Domincan Republic and get a glance of all the action on and off the wave during the FlowRider  Private Grand Opening Party this past week, featuring Sean Silveira and other known flowboarders!


“The FlowRider reminds me of the Fantasy Surf wave, it’s a really fun wave to ride and the venue is sick!” reports Sean Silveira, FlowRider FR Team rider and 6x World Flowboarding Champion. Silveira was onsite for the Grand Opening party to showcase the newest attraction in the DR.

The newest Stand Alone FlowRider® venue is in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and it is AWESOME. 

The Grand Opening event for Surf House Punta Cana was last night and locals came in troves.  In fact, the most important & prestigious local was in attendance – Danilo Medina, the President of the Dominican Republic!  He’s kind of a big deal which makes us kind of a big deal, right?  The guests for this exclusive event also got an exclusive performance from Sean Silveira, 6x World Flowboarding Champion, who made the trek earlier this week.

This venue is epic!  We worked with the client to get the layout just right and it paid off.  No matter where you are in the venue, you can see the action on the wave,” Andrew Thatcher, VP of FlowRider Sales, states.

Thatcher was alongside His Excellency Danilo Medina at the Grand Opening and was able to get some pretty great shots – from some last-minute installation efforts to the Grand Opening party in full swing.  Check it out and stay tuned for more action in the Dominican Republic soon!

“I was absolutely delighted to see the look on my guests’ faces.  There is no doubt that the FlowRider®will have a huge impact on our future operations,” says owner and developer Miguel Richart.  This venue epitomizes what a stand alone venue should be. With a fantastic design, cool drinks and great food, it is sure to set a precendent of this kind of venue.  Positioned as an anchor to the new mall, Surf House Punta Cana will be a one of a kind Attraction that not only will generate foot traffic for the shopping center but it will also be a strong tourist destination for the region.

Check out the party and epic atmosphere in the video below! This is a must flow destination for Flowboarders!







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Worlds Rewind

Let’s rewind the tapes and review the footage from the 2017 FlowRider® World Flowboarding Championships! 

The event was a huge success, taking a giant leap towards the bigger picture and overall goals of growing the sport of flowboarding.  We are already wishing we could fast forward to next year’s event.  Believe it or not, we are already planning it and know that it is going to be bigger and better.

For those of you that didn’t attend the Worlds event, shame on you, you missed out!  To quote the legendary country singer, Kenny Chesney, “We had our toes in the sand, a drink in our hand and not a worry in the world.”

Before we continue recapping the event and breaking down the awesome time flowboarders, their family members and spectators alike all had, we want to give a massive shout and gentle pat on the back to those traveling competitors, supporting sponsors and of course the ever so welcoming hosting staff at Aquaworld Cancun.  Everybody from the security staff, to the vendors to the spectacular live band put their best foot forward.  Without each and every one of you, the end result would not have been the same!

WFC17 sponsors: ? @AquaWorldCancun @FlowRider_inc @Roxy_mx @Quicksilver @hrccancun @BananaBoat @FlowWater @FlowRider13roz @XterraSurf @flowwater @SuperDuperSurf 

Tacos, cerveza, tequila and futball (soccer) is what you generally reference when talking about Mexico. However, the sport of flowboarding is quickly making a name for itself south of the border. While it’s not quite as respected as regional favorite, soccer, the local flowboarders are becoming very passionate and are eager to Go With the Flow™.

The 2017 FlowRider® World Flowboarding Championships took place at Aquaworld® in Cancún, Mexico, November 3-5th featuring the best flowboarders in the world!

Around the world, there are 200+ plus FlowRider venue installations, but within the next few months, there will be 8 in Mexico alone.  After a very successful World Flowboarding Championship event hosted by Aquaworld Cancun, the heat has been turned up.

 El Campeonato Mundial de Flowrider fue todo un éxito, muchas felicidades a todos los competidores y muchas gracias a nuestros patrocinadores y asistentes, ¡Hasta el siguiente Campeonato!

Although, we all agreed, ‘What happens at Aquaworld, stay at Aquaworld!’ the event and overall experience was too good not to share.

“We Create Fun here at AquaWorld, that is our slogan and we build our brand around that, including the FlowRider was a no brainer for us.” mentioned Carlos Fuentes 

Aquaworld rolled out the red carpet for the World Flowboarding Championships weekend, welcoming competitors with a wide open wave (a FlowRider® Double, that is) and an extensive list of Aquatasic activities for competitors to experience the best Cancun has to offer (at a discounted rate too) .

For Martin Carbonell (MEXICO FLOW REPRESENATIVE AND COMPETITOR) it  huge step twoards his personal goals and the bigger picture of growing the sport, ” I felt like I motivated a lot of new riders and local riders to keep trying and improving their skills on and off the wave!” Martin passionately explain when asked about his involvement with bringing the event to his region for the first time ever.

[Translated to Spanish:  Para mi fue un gigantesco paso para lograr mi meta personal de hacer crecer el deporte, ya que logré motivar a varios riders nuevos y viejos a mejorar sus habilidades y logré poner a México en la escena internacional del flowboarding .]

One of those local riders Martin was referring to, Alex Ordica. Alex put in the training efforts and also made an appearance on the US FLOW Tour earlier in the year. Ordica capitalized on his experience, earned his way into the Semi-Finals on the big stage, where he was matched up with the back to back and defending World Champion, Jake Chipman (Utah, USA). Ordica also qualified to represent Team Mexico and represent his countries flat at the Worlds level for the first time ever.

“Competing against riders from all around the world was definitely a challenge, but advancing to the semi final’s and having the opportunity to represent México in the WFC for the first time was a dream come true!” explained Ordica. “I can’t wait to see what the future holds for flowboarding in México” Alex went  on to add.

[Translated to Spanish: Competir contra riders de todo el mundo fue definitivamente un reto, pero avanzar a la semifinal y tener la oportunidad de representar a México por primera vez en el Campeonato Mundial de Flowboarding fue un sueño cumplido!
No puedo esperar a ver que que le espera al Flowboarding en México ]

Day 1 featured open practice sessions for registered competitors to get their feet wet, a formal media ‘meet and greet’ and a tasty selection of food trucks on site.

Day 1 Video: Competitor Register and Practice Sessions, this is the World Flowboarding Championships 2017, and TOMORROW the COMPETITION begins, FREE ENTRANCE!

Día 1 :Así se vivió el Día 1 del Campeonato Mundial de Flowboarding 2017, “Registro y Sesiones de Practicas” MAÑANA inicia toda la adrenalina de las COMPETENCIAS, los esperamos, ENTRADA LIBRE! ?‍♂?‍♀

Day 2 is when competition started with the WFC Trials event and Qualifying Rounds. Competitors from all over the world battled it out for the final remaining seeded slots in the main event and holding on for the chance to win a World title.

Day 2 Video: Let the competition begin… there were moments full of adrenaline, but also were a lot of fun and a great atmosphere, we will be waiting for you tomorrow with the finals! ?‍♂?‍♀

Día 2: Que empiece la competencia, se vivieron momentos de mucha adrenalina, pero sobre todo mucha diversión y un gran ambiente, los esperamos mañana con las finales!

Day 3, the competition continued to heat up as we rolled into the elimination rounds. The top riders in the world were left standing for a chance to take home some cash money and the World Flowboarding Title.

Day 3 Video: The final competitions, the best of the World Flowboarding Championships 2017, today it will be defined who will be the World Champion!

Día 3: Las finales, lo mejor del Campeonato Mundial de Flowboarding está pasando, hoy sabremos quién será el Campeón Mundial!

After the event, loaded with anticipation, riders gathered at the Hard Rock Café Cancun for the Awards Banquet and after party. While eating dinner and tossing back a few beverages, competitors and guest were entertained by competition highlight videos and a live band.

With a lot of hype surrounding the prestigious event (pre-, during and post-competition) and the ’flowtastic’ job done by the crew at AquaWorld, there is already talk of developing a full-blown FLOW Tour in this region of Mexico and potentially bringing the event back in 2018.

Check out all the action and watch the heats unfold.  Heat recaps provided by and @flowrider13roz productions. 

Click here to watch the Finals footage for each division! 



Full Recap:The World Flowboarding Championship was a success, congratulations to all the competitors. Thanks to our sponsors and assistants, until the next Championship! ?‍♀?‍♂

El Campeonato Mundial de Flowrider fue todo un éxito, muchas felicidades a todos los competidores y muchas gracias a nuestros patrocinadores y asistentes, ¡Hasta el siguiente Campeonato! ?‍♀?‍♂
Banana Boat Latam Roxy @Quicksilver flowboarders Cochileña Santo Remedio food truck Aguas Locas Cancun La Tula #SurferBurger

Awards & After Party:

Congratulations to the winners of the World Flowboarding Championships 2017! See you next year!

¡Felicidades a los ganadores del Campeonato Mundial de Flowboarding! ¡Hasta el próximo año! ?‍♀?‍♂


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WFC17 Photo Galley by Austyn Victoria Bynon


The World Flowboarding Championships moved to Cancun, Mexico this year and did not disappoint. Thank you to all the sponsors who made this possible and the competitors from traveling from all over to take part!

Austyn Victoria Pro Flowboarder Pro Page

3rd Place Pro Women’s Flowboard and Team USA 1st overall!

@austynvictoriaflows in the Pro Women's Flowboard division during the @FlowRider_inc #WorldFlowboardingChampionships at @AquaWorldCancun November 3rd-5th ? @WhiteWaterWest @FlowRiderShop #Cancun #AquaWorld #AquaWorldCancun #CancunMexico #WorldFlowRiderChampionships #FlowboardingChampionships #WorldChampionships #CancunMexico #Mexico #MexicoChampionships #WorldSurfLeague #WSL #FlowRider #Flowboarders #Flowboard #Flowboarding #SurfMachine #WaveMachine #UrbanSurf #WaveSimulator #SurfSimulator #FlowRide #Flowboarder #FlowRiding #Iappa #WavePool #SurfPool #SurfVenue #FlowHouse ================ WFC17 sponsors: ? @AquaWorldCancun @FlowRider_inc @Roxy_mx @Quicksilver @hrccancun @BananaBoat @BoardersMag @ViskusSurf @NDGsurf @FlowRider13roz @XterraSurf @DiffEyeWear @SuperDuperSurf

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WFC17 Photo Gallery by: Leanna Crowley

6th place at this years #worldflowboardingchampionships ??

Stood no chance in my semi-final against @austynvictoriaflows and @anni_ssa but had so much fun!

Gracias @aquaworldcancun and @flowboarders for the amazing week #coronatime

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