A Boost from Boomer!

A lot of waves are seasonal, meaning they only operate during certain times of the year.  Bummer – we know!

What can flowboarders do with all their spare time when their wave is closed for months at a time?  

Well, as many of you know, flowboarding was born from various board sports, giving birth to its own hybrid board, so to speak.  Chances are that flowboarders in the community already participate in or are totally willing to try different (but similar!) board sports when they are not shredding on a FlowRider®.

Another way we encourage our community to pass the time (and, uh, stay out of trouble!) is by sharing their flow with us!  Create content, send it in and let’s share it with the flow world. Simply e-mail submissions to Adam@FlowRider.com and tag @flowboarders in your social postings.

Got Flow? Want to Share It? We Want You!

To get this started, we are happy to share a part of a recent email from an avid rider and positive member of the Flow Tribe (@FlowCiety):

“Here is the content I wrote the other day. Peruse it, and if you like it, feel free to post it.  I enjoy the creativity in writing and expressing personality with flow – so whether it’s used or not, doesn’t really matter to me!  Thanks for reading, brotha.”

The e-mail came from a rider in Arizona, Boomer Mueller.  Boomer is a core member from the FlowCiety and is subject to a seasonal home wave. He and his crew recently experienced their last session of the season; we teamed up on that as well and shared some action from on and off the wave there.

The Flowboarders Tribe

FlowCiety Test Rides the 2018 Models From FlowRiderShop.com

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Boomer wants to give flowboarders around the world a boost as they head into the next season.  Let’s call it a Boomer Boost!  Whether you are riding for fun or preparing for a FLOW Tour competition, or flowboarding is just a random activity for you, take notes!

3 Barriers in Your Riding and How to Guarantee Your Next Breakthrough in Flow!

There are a few inevitable (and pesky) barriers that block progression.  It’s funny because everything I’m about to share with you was affecting my riding long before I could identify what the heck I was doing wrong.

If you are an advanced rider, working on these could immediately open a new door in your riding and bag of tricks.  If you’re a beginner or novice rider, becoming aware of these barriers now will let you blast through them surge you to new levels fast.

Once I became familiar with these barriers, I began challenging my riding, my mind, and encountered breakthroughs in style. Shockingly, I began landing tricks I never before believed I could land.  Let’s get into the 3 barriers and how to blast through them:


  1. Discouragement with tricks: You really want that dang elusive kick flip.  Landing it is one thing, but being consistent is another.  It may take you 100 attempts before you land it again.  Woven in those 100 attempts will inevitably be a lot of frustration, perhaps a broken toe or two, or maybe even the thought of quitting the sport (but not really).


  • Flowboarders tip: Body momentum and muscle memory is key. Repetition on and off the wave will bring consistently to your game. (i.e.)


  1. No one is challenging you: Whether you are the best rider at your home wave, the only rider at your wave, novice, or somewhere in the middle. If there is no challenge, you will not reach your full potential.


  • Flowboarders tip: Challenge yourself. Master your tricks and pre meditate 30-40 second fluid runs. Sign up for a FLOW Tour competition!


  1. Lack of experimentation: Do you drop in and repeat the same run over and over?  Do you throw the same order of tricks?  Do you use the full wave while riding? We are creatures of habit, so it’s a normal thing to put down runs that feel the same (because it’s comfortable).  Lack of experimentation is the fastest way to experience a plateau of growth in your riding.


  • Flowboarders tip: Try to learn something new every day or session.


How to blast through these barriers:

Discouragement with tricks: An easy thing that we do on the wave when tension is building behind the same trick is “Break up energy.”  It is easy to get caught in the cyclone of doom – you drop in, throw the trick, fall, drop in, throw the trick, fall, and repeat until somehow the two hour session is gone and you’re exhausted and pissed.  When you feel yourself getting sucked into this, simply “Break the Energy.”

Sidenote: Never leave the wave mad.  We’ll dive in deeper on why if Flowboarders invites us for another guest blog post… ?

Stop and take 10 slow deep breaths (it doesn’t matter if you’re next turn is skipped) and put together some easy lines with tricks that you know you can land.  This will chill your mind out from being blown on that new trick.  Once you’re cooled down and no longer want to throw your board into next week, you may continue to attempt that trick again.  You just broke up the energy.

No one is challenging you: One of my favorite things that we do at our wave is challenge each other and pass off a trophy each time someone wins the challenge.  It’s called, “The Carrot Challenge.”  It started out as a joke, “whoever lands this trick, gets a carrot!”  We all took turns throwing a trick we weren’t comfortable with, or something creative that had a little finesse.  Here’s a hint: it’s kinda like playing F.L.O.W. but with one trick and winner gets to rock the trophy until next session. Oh, our carrot is a black fossil  now – we’ve had it for months.

Are you questioning what you just read? We did too… so let us clarify. “‘twas once upon a time a carrot” was the response I got when following up on this topic with Boomer. He also sent me this photo. Basically, it was a rotten carrot, which resembled a trophy when a rider from their tribe would land a unique first trick. Makes more sense, I can see how that may give you a boost!

Click to enlarge

Here’s a bonus on how to be challenged: Watch a rider that can do what you can’t yet do, and copy them until you can do what they do!

Lack of experimentation:  This is a sneaky gremlin that will endlessly poke holes in your riding if you let it.  Good news is, it’s simple to fix.  It closely ties with challenging yourself, but is its own category because it requires you to be creatively disciplined.  The ideal rider in most action sports has a collection of tricks, but endless creativity.

You don’t always need to hop on the wave and bang out tricks while staying in one spot.  Sometimes your biggest breakthroughs come from simply maneuvering the wave.  If you watch the pros, they have an elegant way of navigating the wave in between – and while – throwing their tricks.  It appears as if they are writing in cursive with their boards across the wave.

Tricks are important, but style is king.

So try different maneuvers on the wave.  Drop in differently.  Spend time riding switch – we have really found that riding switch for a dedicated 10 minutes each session radically helps with smoothness and versatility on the wave.

Best thing to remember, play just outside of your comfort zone because that is where progression is born.

Watch the pros.  Copy them.  Challenge yourself.  Grow your flow.


Boomer Mueller



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Flow Talk

We invite you to tune in, kick back and chat it up with us about ALL THINGS FLOWBOARDING!

As the awareness for the sport and attraction continue to grow, so does our ridership. Flow Talk is a live streaming social segment with Flowboarders.com editors, Adam Muller & Nick Nguyen.

The idea behind the videos and social activity is to engage with the flowboarders community and help everyone be more aware of the flowboarding scene and know your flow.

Each week will feature certain topics of discussion. For instance: upcoming competitions, new venues, boards and merchandise. If you have any additional topics or what to raise awareness for other subjects be sure to stay social with us on Facebook and Instagram!

See ya on the wave!

Flow Talk #1 – FlowRider FLOW Tour 2k18 Schedule and format

Flow Talk #2 – FlowRider Shop new models and more!

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South Korea Live Blog (Sponsored by Flow House Seoul)


Read the full story here: FlowRider® Mobile On The Move!

South Korea Live Blog

Friday 1/19/2018:

Adam: Last day in the office and lots to do before heading to South Korea on Monday. Shipping FlowRiderShop.com orders, FLOW Tour planning, packing board bags to bring new models to South Korea, cleaning up SD cards and charging camera batteries and preparing the rest of my travel needs. However, I can’t stop thinking how excited I am to travel around the world to a new place, promote the sport of flowboarding and meet new members of flow community! San Jung and I have had many chats over the years in regards to me visiting South Korea, finally the day has come! San Jung has always told me about the opportunities in his region and how we wants to bring the FLOW World Championships to his home waves! He is very passionate about the sport of flowboarding and his big things in mind for the future.

Please note that FlowRiderShop orders and shipping may be delayed next week since I will be out of the office and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience. If something comes up, please e-mail me (Adam@FlowRider.com) and I will respond at my earliest convenience as my e-mail and internet will be limited during the trip.

Sean and Andy arrive onsite today. Rob and I will be flying out early on Monday morning, via Delta Airlines. Stay social via Flowboarders Facebook and YouTube for LIVE videos and I’ll update you here when Rob and I are ready to hit the road for our 6,272 miles and 17 hour trip! See ya on the wave!

Read the full story here: FlowRider® Mobile On The Move!

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FlowRider® Mobile On The Move! Flow House Seoul Live Blog

If you tuned into the Flow Friday Flow talk a few weeks back, you may have heard Adam & Nick discussing potential plans for a trip to South Korea. Also, many of you have probably seen the Instagram and social media post showing the inflatable FlowRider® Mobile wave, pulling in and arriving at its new home. Well, really the mobile is nomadic (like our flowboarders community), and who knows where it ends up next! We figured we would give you some more details on this project and why we are looking forward to next week and the future.


The FlowRider Mobile was invented to bring the excitement and lifestyle of the FlowRider attraction, just about anywhere in the world.  The first iteration was awesome & spent many weeks during a few consecutive summers at the Canadian National Expo.  The 2nd iteration is where we introduced the inflatable version though.  With inflatable side walls and ride surface, this version pumped up (pun intended) the safety along with the fun!

By now you have probably heard of Flow House™ Seoul, established in 2015.  It’s 1 of 9 FlowRider Flow House locations around the world.

Over the years, they have invited and hosted top-name professional flowboarders and former World Flowboarding Champions, Nick Nguyen and Jake Chipman.  The Flow House crew is a very energetic crew, led by the owner, San Jung.  Jake and Nick are passionate flowboarders, always have been, but these locals wanted to introduce the guys to their lifestyle and their passion for the sport and attraction.  The flow love was felt, regardless of the language barrier.

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So back to the FlowRider Mobile story – San Jung and his investment team have made a new home for it in, you guessed it, in South Korea!  The wave landed over there this week and Sean Silveira and Andy Haase are not far behind (arrived today).  Sean and Andy have been the two main operators/leads on the FlowRider Mobile rentals/activations since it was built, so San Jung made sure they had plane tickets straight from Florida to Seoul.

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Adam Muller, the Retail and Merchandise/Sports Marketing Manager and Rob Chalfant, Operations and Materials Manager, will be right behind them early next week.  While onsite, this whole US-based crew will help set up the wave, test it out (a.k.a. shred) and to essentially help promote the sport of flowboarding.

San Jung hopes that by bringing a combination of FlowRider experts and flowboarding champions to his home town for this launch, the sport will explode in popularity.  With rapidly increasing ridership in South Korea, the forthcoming tour of the mobile wave within South Korea, the building of more venues and potential sponsorships, we could even see the World Flowboarding Championships in Seoul in the upcoming years.

Considering that the average temperature is set to be ~20° F next week in Seoul, this behind-the-scenes action should be pretty interesting.  So keep an eye out for our live feeds and blog posts straight out of South Korea!  We can’t wait to introduce their community to the rest of ours!

With all the being said, stay social and up to date with Flowboarders.com as Adam and crew will be going live and updating us from the future of flowboarding.  No really, the future, they will be 17 hours ahead!  See ya on the wave!


South Korea Live Blog

CHECK OUT the FlowRider Mobile in action!

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Got Flow? Want to Share It? We Want You!

Are you a flowboarding fanatic? Do you turn your vacations into Flowcations? Or do find your self surfing at sea on a Royal Caribbean Cruise ship? If so, WE WANT YOU!

The FlowRider attraction, the sport of flowboarding and the flowboarders community extends to all corners of the world, so we often find ourselves chasing after the latest and greatest information from some of the most unique and/or remote in the world.

If we haven’t highlighted your home wave or a wave you were lucky enough to visit, it’s not because we don’t want to – we just need you to tell us about it!

Maybe you met a fellow flowboarder.com member from a different continent or on a cruise!  If, so tell us about it.

If you stay at a hotel with a FlowRider in Jamaica or Mexico (for example) and have a great experience, tell us about it!  Anything and everything that you can share, we will review and consider publishing on flowboarders.com, so keep us posted and we’ll do the same!

FLOWBOARDERS.com is an all-inclusive, interactive, web portal to the progressive and exciting world of flowboarding.

Our passion is FlowRider attraction and sport flowboarding with a goal to grow the flow by any means imaginable, which includes promoting the riders, brands and venues who support us!

With robust news sections high- lighting the core of flowboarding, the global competition scene, and the many locations around the world make this a unique media platform and opportunity. In addition, Streaming video, FlowRider® venue profiles, online shopping, interactive community and social interaction make FLOWBOARDERS.com the one and only flowboarding hub of its kind.

Constantly, we are encouraging riders to tag (@Flowboarders) and use hash tags (#FlowRider and #Flowboarders) on their photos and post so that we can repost and feature everyone, everywhere! In addition

Now, we are taking it to the next level and offering community members to opportunity to #SHAREYOURFLOW and be a featured content contributor to our flow blogs.

With FlowRider venues continuously opening all over the world and a rapidly growing ridership, we know we can’t cover it all, but we still want to. Help us share the flow!

So with that being said, we are inviting members from the Flowboarders community to send us your stories, video and photos for a chance to be a featured blog post on the website.








Simply e-mail your submissions to Adam@FlowRider.com and stay social! You never know when you just might see you story flowing through the news feed!


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