FlowRiderShop.com Ambassador Team Openings

The FlowRiderShop.com has ambassador openings and is now accepting FR Team applications!

I will let you know right now, and you can ask any of the current team members this as well (even the G.O.A.T Sean Silveira), that being an ambassador requires more work than you may think. FR Team riders are expected to represent the attraction, promote the sport and showcase the lifestyle in a positive manner – on and off the wave.

Check out some of our current Pro team members and ambassadors on the FlowRiderShop.com Team Riders Tab.

Before FlowRider Team announcements are made for this year’s FLOW Tour and we dish out agreements, there are a few FlowRiderShop Ambassador Openings to fill!

For those of you that stay super active with us on social media, thanks for reaching out to us. We are excited with the response level and your interest in becoming part of this elite, growing team is motivating!

I (Adam) am a dedicated and supportive fan of the community and continue to do all the little things for select individuals/athletes whose positivity and effort on and off the wave is obvious. The success of this sport starts with our flowboarders community in the field. Enter, the FR Team programs that are designed to unite the flowboarding community and to keep headquarters in the loop of what’s going on with your home wave or nearest FlowRider attractions.

As a former sponsored athlete, venue manager, brand creator, FLOW Tour competitor and current FLOW Events coordinator, I am genuinely aware of the positives that are related to sponsorship and cross promotions (i.e. free swag! I get it – it’s the best). I also know that we are simultaneously focused on the growth of our sport and increasing ridership even though the very sport you are promoting can be tough on your wallet.

Our main goal with the sponsorship program and behind FlowRiderShop.com is to offer an outlet for flowboarders everywhere to have access to the flow gear they need. We are constantly making efforts to expand our product offerings and making it a one stop shop featuring all brands that support the sport, attraction and lifestyle.

Team riders will be expected to ride and promote the boards, merchandise and brands offered on FlowRiderShop.com. The array of brands was extensively expanding in 2017 because we want our team riders use their preferred equipment – the equipment that helps them progress their riding. Remember, discounts and free swag are awesome, but is not the focal point of this partnership. The focus is to grow the flow together.

With all that said, it’s time to rally the troops and come together. Let us always keep in mind that this is a joint effort, a two-street and that it takes two to tango, so to speak. The more you respectfully represent flowboarders as a whole at various waves across the world, stay social while doing it and just keep shredding, the more we can improve our shop offerings, sponsorship programs and swag offerings! We will support you right back!

As we gear up for the 2018 FLOW Tour season, we are looking for flowboarders who…

 Have plans to compete/travel on the FLOW Tour
 Have registered to be FLOW Tour Member
 Are active on and off the wave at their local FlowRider venues
 Are willing to offer a helping hand at events or local venues
 Prefer riding the products currently offered on FlowRiderShop.com
 Are not currently in a binding relationship/sponsorship with conflicting companies
 Are active on social media with @flowboarders, @flowrider_inc and @flowridershop
 Have a Flowboarders.com profile

Do you meet all or most of the requirements above? If so, we have several levels of team commitments and opportunities.

FlowRider Shop Ambassador This group is for riders who are passionate and positive about the sport at all levels and stay connected to the community. Riders will be offered discounts.
FR Team Ambassador – This level is for qualified/selected riders who have put in work on and off the wave and have continuously shown support and improvement over the years
FR PRO Team This level is reserved for World Champions, Regional Tour Champions and establish Professional Competitive riders.

Our current openings are for the FlowRider Shop Ambassador and offer the opportunity to move up to more committed levels of sponsorship.

The FlowRider Shop Ambassador squad will receive discounts on boards and merchandise from FlowRiderShop.com, custom board opportunities, various shout outs on social media and cross promotions.

FlowRider Shop Ambassadors will also be contacted first in regards to wave trainings, demonstrations, shows and grand openings in their region.

There are a lot of opportunities and we can take it as far as riders want depending on their commitments, efforts and results. There is no pressure, just team work.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!


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Got Flow? Want to Share It? We Want You!

Are you a flowboarding fanatic? Do you turn your vacations into Flowcations? Or do find your self surfing at sea on a Royal Caribbean Cruise ship? If so, WE WANT YOU!

The FlowRider attraction, the sport of flowboarding and the flowboarders community extends to all corners of the world, so we often find ourselves chasing after the latest and greatest information from some of the most unique and/or remote in the world.

If we haven’t highlighted your home wave or a wave you were lucky enough to visit, it’s not because we don’t want to – we just need you to tell us about it!

Maybe you met a fellow flowboarder.com member from a different continent or on a cruise!  If, so tell us about it.

If you stay at a hotel with a FlowRider in Jamaica or Mexico (for example) and have a great experience, tell us about it!  Anything and everything that you can share, we will review and consider publishing on flowboarders.com, so keep us posted and we’ll do the same!

FLOWBOARDERS.com is an all-inclusive, interactive, web portal to the progressive and exciting world of flowboarding.

Our passion is FlowRider attraction and sport flowboarding with a goal to grow the flow by any means imaginable, which includes promoting the riders, brands and venues who support us!

With robust news sections high- lighting the core of flowboarding, the global competition scene, and the many locations around the world make this a unique media platform and opportunity. In addition, Streaming video, FlowRider® venue profiles, online shopping, interactive community and social interaction make FLOWBOARDERS.com the one and only flowboarding hub of its kind.

Constantly, we are encouraging riders to tag (@Flowboarders) and use hash tags (#FlowRider and #Flowboarders) on their photos and post so that we can repost and feature everyone, everywhere! In addition

Now, we are taking it to the next level and offering community members to opportunity to #SHAREYOURFLOW and be a featured content contributor to our flow blogs.

With FlowRider venues continuously opening all over the world and a rapidly growing ridership, we know we can’t cover it all, but we still want to. Help us share the flow!

So with that being said, we are inviting members from the Flowboarders community to send us your stories, video and photos for a chance to be a featured blog post on the website.








Simply e-mail your submissions to Adam@FlowRider.com and stay social! You never know when you just might see you story flowing through the news feed!


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“The SIMBA” – Introducing Isara Singto’s Pro Model

Like all new board models, it has to go through testing phases.  FlowRiderShop.com only offers Pro Rider-Tested and FlowRider-Approved products.  Isara’s Pro model is no different.

Ok, maybe a little different, here’s why.

“Have you seen this kid [ISARA] ride?” asked Adam Muller when discussing about Isara’s future and potential in flowboarding. “He rides hard and very often- I can’t wait to see him back on the world stage.”

If you have seen him ride, he needs no introduction – But, if not,  let us introduce you to The Simba! (click play, double tap and follow!)


Mind you Isara is only 14 years old,  yet he was a dark horse in the 2016 FlowRider World Championships hosted by Wave House™ Singapore and won his first Asia FLOW Tour Prime Event this year (2017 at @ Flow House Bangkok)! He just  “Can’t wait to be King”.

With that being said, FlowRiderShop and Isara have been working closely together over the last year and sent multiple boards throughout the 2017 Asia FLOW Tour season and will continue to support him moving forward.

“I love my boards,” explains Isara.  “The shape, the weight, and the channels all work perfect for me!”  However, the boards were not holding up very long, due to his aggressive (but still smooth), advanced level of riding.  With Isara pushing his own limits to the edge and then extending even further, the boards were taking a beating.  This is not to say it’s a bad thing; he is just riding All. The. Time!

Going back and forth, constantly improving the outline, construction and materials of our in-house and hand-shaped boards, Singto provided the shaping team at FlowRider Shop with very valuable feedback to help improve the products.

The the NEW Graphite Shuv-it and Carve models for 2018 feature a revamped construction process. This makes the board stronger, more durable for advance riding and still allows it to maintain its light weight.

The step channel feature has been updated for these models and will extend 10” down from the nose and tail, providing just the right amount of grab underneath your feet when setting up or landing your tricks.  Even though this updated step channel feature requires a different construction process, we are happy with the stronger rails and overall performance.


“When I do any trick, basic or advanced…it’s like the board locks on the water.” – ISARA SINGTO

The 2018 Graphite model boards were designed to appeal to various ride styles from beginner to intermediate levels and all the way into the Pro ranks, but also wanted to be sure it stayed within a specific (affordable) price range.

These boards are great for flowboarders looking to get their own board and take their riding the next level, without having the break the piggy bank.

Although, it’s great for novice riders, some FlowRider Team​ & Pro flowboarders​, including Asia Star, Isara Singto The Simba​, Nei Isara​, have taken a serious liking to the model (WATCH CLIPS AND LET THEM SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES!)

 “Whatever your level, you gonna love it,” Isara notes when asked if he would recommend this board to other riders.

You can find Isara wave hopping at all the most popular FlowRider venue locations, whether it be Surf House Patong/Phuket, Cartoon Network Amazone or Flow House Bangkok. Stay social and be sure to follow this upcoming future flow star!


The 2018 Graphite models will be available in various Shuv-It and Carve Graphite models. Isara’s Pro model will come equipped with his custom SIMBA VGT (minus the sponsor logos).


Stay social and be sure to check out www.FlowRiderShop.com for more details!


FlowCiety Test Rides the 2018 Models From FlowRiderShop.com

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WFC17 Photo Galley by Austyn Victoria Bynon


The World Flowboarding Championships moved to Cancun, Mexico this year and did not disappoint. Thank you to all the sponsors who made this possible and the competitors from traveling from all over to take part!

Austyn Victoria Pro Flowboarder Pro Page

3rd Place Pro Women’s Flowboard and Team USA 1st overall!

@austynvictoriaflows in the Pro Women's Flowboard division during the @FlowRider_inc #WorldFlowboardingChampionships at @AquaWorldCancun November 3rd-5th ? @WhiteWaterWest @FlowRiderShop #Cancun #AquaWorld #AquaWorldCancun #CancunMexico #WorldFlowRiderChampionships #FlowboardingChampionships #WorldChampionships #CancunMexico #Mexico #MexicoChampionships #WorldSurfLeague #WSL #FlowRider #Flowboarders #Flowboard #Flowboarding #SurfMachine #WaveMachine #UrbanSurf #WaveSimulator #SurfSimulator #FlowRide #Flowboarder #FlowRiding #Iappa #WavePool #SurfPool #SurfVenue #FlowHouse ================ WFC17 sponsors: ? @AquaWorldCancun @FlowRider_inc @Roxy_mx @Quicksilver @hrccancun @BananaBoat @BoardersMag @ViskusSurf @NDGsurf @FlowRider13roz @XterraSurf @DiffEyeWear @SuperDuperSurf www.Flowboarders.com

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WFC17 Photo Gallery by: Leanna Crowley

6th place at this years #worldflowboardingchampionships ??

Stood no chance in my semi-final against @austynvictoriaflows and @anni_ssa but had so much fun!

Gracias @aquaworldcancun and @flowboarders for the amazing week #coronatime

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